We build customizable Villas of 108m2 P4, with 3 bedrooms.


Welcome to Intemporel’Home, the new blend of comfort and style that redefines traditional luxury. With careful construction, what used to be a family country home is transformed into a place brimming with character and style.

Intemporel’Home P4

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How are the spaces distributed in the “Timeless” model?

The “Intemporel” model is judiciously designed with a harmonious distribution of spaces, offering three comfortable bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, a large open-plan living area comprising a living room and kitchen, as well as a dining area. This creates a perfect balance between private and shared areas.

How does the steel structure on this 108m2 P4 improve the durability of the house?

The metal frame lends exceptional solidity to the “Intemporel” house, making it particularly resistant to Guadeloupe’s climatic conditions, such as strong winds and earthquakes. What’s more, the metal is unlikely to suffer damage from termites, rot or mildew, ensuring a longer life for your investment.

Can P4 3-bedroom steel-frame villas be customized?

Absolutely. Metal framing offers great flexibility in terms of customization. You can choose from a variety of interior and exterior finishes, and we can adjust plans to accommodate specific features or design preferences.

What are the energy efficiency options for this model?

We integrate energy-efficient features such as optimized thermal insulation, double-glazed windows and the possibility of installing solar panels. These features are designed to reduce energy consumption and optimize comfort all year round.

How long does it take to build the “Timeless” model?

Construction of our models is generally completed in 6 to 12 months, depending on site conditions and customization requirements. We provide a detailed schedule once the plans have been finalized and the necessary permits have been obtained.

How does the maintenance of a steel-frame house compare with that of a traditional house?

Maintenance of a steel-frame house is relatively low compared to traditional construction. Metal is corrosion-resistant, especially when properly treated with protective coatings, reducing the need for long-term maintenance.